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World Expo Dubai

The colourful solar panels of the future, on roof of the Netherlands pavilion for the Expo Dubai. With skylights made out of lightweight organic transparent solar cells. Combining technology, aesthetics and sustainable materials.

Assigned by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Developed by V8 Architects, Kossmann.dejong, ExpoMobilia, Witteveen+Bos

The skylights immerse the visitor in a ray of light; colors reflect, refract and dance inside The Dutch Biotope, where energy, water and food solutions are connected.

The Netherlands pavilion is a circular climate system with unique solar panels by Marjan van Aubel and ARMOR ASCA® that collect energy from sun rays to power the pavilion. At the same time they allow sunlight into the pavilion and filter the right spectrum of light which the edible plants on the food cone use for photosynthesis.

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