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8 Minutes and 20 Seconds


An interactive light installation during Milan Design Week 2024, including Lexus' Future Zero-emission Catalyst sculpture,  holographic trees, and The Interactive Sun.

IMG_9927 (1).tif

‘8 Minutes and 20 Seconds’ is an interactive solar installation inspired by the Lexus concept car. The installation showcases a real-life version of the LF-ZC transformed using Organic Photovoltaic solar cells to create a hologram-like display.


The landscape comes to life through sound and light triggered by the visitor’s presence, underlining the importance of our relationship between the sun, ourselves, and the environment.⁠

MVA #36_edited.jpg

The car sits amidst holographic trees and a reflecting seating area set against a backdrop of an interactive sun installation.


Designed with 16 Sunne’s, the sun shifts hues when visitors interact with a sensor made from Lexus' bamboo fabric for future vehicles. Touching the fabric prompts the sun to change colour, creating a personal sun experience for each and every visitor.

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Commissioned by Lexus for Milan Design Week 2024
Produced by Griffin PR, Matchless Builds, Group M

Sound design by Malloy James, Sabina Charfauros,
Emiel van den Dungen

Interactivity design by Jesse Howard

Photography by Minh Thran, Britt Berden, Pascal Ontijd

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