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ICA Miami


Named for the time it takes sunlight to reach the Earth’s surface, '8 Minutes and 20 Seconds' is a reimagination of Lexus' Future Zero-emission Catalyst, sparking new electrified experiences.


Collaborating with the experience design studio Random Studio, the installation transforms the concept car into a static and dynamic framework designed with organic transparent photovoltaic (OPV) sheets. Powered by sunlight instead of traditional fuel, each transparent solar cell contributes to a beautiful interplay of light and patterns, evoking a sense of motion.

By embracing the photovoltaic sheets as a design element, the installation emphasises the car's features. Fitted with LED panels that illuminate, it draws attention to the vehicle's sustainable energy source.

MVA #36_edited.jpg

Designed for exploration from all angles, the sculpture responds as visitors move around it. Motion sensors activate the LED panels as visitors pass by, creating a ripple effect through the gradient colours accompanied by a gentle soundscape.

Choreographed light displays unfold, mirroring natural movements. In sync with its environment and the visitors' interactions, the sculpture shifts in colour temperature in balance with its exposure to sunlight.

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Commissioned by Lexus
Institute for Contemporary Art, Design Miami 2023
Produced by Griffin PR, Matchless Builds

Developed with Random Studio, Studio Sander Plug, Matchless Builds

Sound design by Malloy James, Sabina Charfauros

Photography by Steve Benisty

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