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Current Table

The world’s first furniture piece harvesting energy indoors engineered to use the property of colour to create electrical currents – mimicking the process of photosynthesis in plants.


The Current Table is the first piece of furniture to harvest energy indoors. It has integrated dye-sensitised solar cells (DSSC), that use the properties of colour to create an electrical current, in a similar way to how plants use green chlorophyll to convert sunlight into energy.


The solar cells work efficiently even under diffuse light. The energy is stored using an integrated battery, from which you can then charge your devices at any time.


The table is intelligent - embedded sensors read light intensity, revealing optimal light conditions to the user and how much energy is being harvested that you can read through the app. This makes you more aware of your environment, understanding how light is being transformed into electricity.


It also encourages you to keep your work space clean, as having more surfaces exposed increases its efficiency.

Exhibition: Victoria and Albert Museum, Stedelijk Museum

Developed with: Peter Krige, Instrument Product Development, Ala Pytlewska  

Photography: Mitch Payne

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