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The Interactive Sun

The Sunne experience draws you closer to the sun. It makes you absorb the sun's cycles through the lights while a custom soundscape, based on NASA’s Sound of the Sun, responds to you.


An immersive installation that draws you closer to the sun. The Sunne lamps are all shaped like the horizon, each positioned differently. The experience is like an orchestra of captured sunlight, taking you up above, and beyond.

‘Visitors experience the beauty of solar design whilst immersing themselves in the cosmos, closer to our source of life.’

Sunne is available as a limited edition art piece, signed and
numbered by Marjan van Aubel. Shipping worldwide.


Exhibited at Milan Design Week 2024, Het Nieuwe Instituut and during Dutch Design Week 2022

Interaction design by Jesse Howard

Sound design by Emiel van den Dungen

Photography by Ronald Smits, Britt Berden, Pascal Ontijd

Film by Thomas de Boer

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