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This illuminated self-powering solar design turns solar energy into works of art. Using the latest technology to transform solar, usually seen as something technical, into beauty and poetry. 

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Open for special commissions

Inspired by the ancient Egyptian sun god Ra, who was seen as the creator of the sun, Ra is powered by sunlight. Its vibrant coloured solar cells capture sunlight, harvest it locally and make the integrated light shine in the evening. Just as stained glass windows in churches used to tell stories of the past, this series tells the story of our future.


Ra uses organic photovoltaics, a third-generation solar technology that is printed on thin electroluminescent foils (less than 1mm) and is produced in a circular manner. The energy captured by Ra is stored in an integrated battery. The design can be hung in the window, where it will work with the natural surroundings, as the colours change throughout the day, depending on the position of the sun.


The bright graphic patterns create a moiré effect that casts vivid coloured shadows into the space. In the evening, a glowing ring proudly displays its captured energy in the form of light.

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