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Sunne Experience

The Sunne Experience is an immersive installation that draws you closer to the sun. The solar-powered Sunne lights mimic the daily cycle of the sun with Sunne Rise, Sunne Light and Sunne Set.

Exhibitions: Het Nieuwe Instituut, Solar Biennale

Sound: Emiel van den Dungen

Available for sale

Sunne is a solar-powered light that harvests energy by day to light your home at night, bringing the sun indoors. As an autonomous object, Sunne needs no external power supply. This is how we believe the future of objects should be: self-sufficient and powered by the sun.


The Sunne Experience makes you absorb the sun's cycles through the lights while a custom soundscape, based on Nasa’s Sound of the Sun, surrounds you. All shaped like the horizon, and lights positioned differently, it is like an orchestra of captured sun light, taking you up above, and beyond. 

Order your Sunne

Sunne is also available as a single item, a limited edition,

signed by Marjan van Aubel.

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