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A self-powering solar light that captures, stores and produces light indoors. By day, it harvests energy from the sun while it hangs by your window, and by night, it brings the sun into your home.


Sunne is shaped like the horizon, the curve providing a larger surface area that allows for maximum solar cells. The lamp has three settings that imitate all the natural moments of the sun; Sunne Rise, Sunne Set and Sunne Light.

The light, equipped with photovoltaic cells, harnesses solar energy during the day and illuminates in the evening. It incorporates a built-in battery to store the harvested solar energy, eliminating the need for an external power supply.

'By embedding solar technology, like Sunne, into our everyday lives, together we can accelerate the transition to a solar-powered future.'

MVA #36_edited.jpg

Sunne harnesses solar energy efficiently by charging itself with sunlight, especially when placed in direct sunlight or in front of a window. Its brightness correlates with its battery level, ensuring optimal glow duration. By connecting Sunne to the app, it can automatically illuminate at sunset while providing real-time monitoring of charging performance and battery level.

Sunne is available as a limited edition, signed and
numbered by Marjan van Aubel

5.Sunne_ app1.jpg

Collections Vitra Design Museum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Design Museum Gent
Winner Dezeen Awards, Wallpaper Design Award

Photography by Nadja Schlenker, Pim Top

Video: Bas Zwartepoort

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