Current Table, 2014

See direct website: CAVENTOU

in collaboration with Solaronix
thanks to Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie

Current table is a piece of furniture that also functions as a source of energy.
It gathers and harvest energy from daylight to charge your appliances, all within one room. While you read a book or write emails, you can use your table to charge your appliances.
The glass table surface contains a Dye Sensitized Solar Cell. Based on photosynthesis it uses the properties of colour to create an electrical current.
Unlike classic solar cells, these coloured cells don’t need direct sunlight and are able to function under diffused light. This makes Current Table the first piece of furniture that is harvesting energy indoors where utility and aesthetics are combined in everyday objects.

Images taken by Mathijs Labadie and Wai Ming Ng
Graphics: Marine Duroselle
Product development: Instrument-pd
Electronic development: Kudustudio